Peer to Peer Real-Time Settlement on Voice and SMS Traffic

Get paid instantly on traffic received from Airtime users 

  • Safe trading 
  • No credit risk 
  • Automated accounts receivable & payable 
  • No disputes 
  • Guaranteed profits 

Integrated Bank Accounts

Online banking interface unified with carrier platform to manage funds and access bank statements 

  • All in one carrier platform (SBC+BSS/OSS) with integrated bank accounts (EUR + USD) in name of carrier 
  •  SWIFT, ACH, SEPA, Faster Payments methods for deposits and transfers 
  • Foreign Exchange 

Unique end-to-end technology

Instant access to live market traffic of Airtime carriers 

  • End-to-end Trading Voice & SMS 
  • Streamlined & secured wholesale trading platform

Automated Processes

Automated traffic management for lean carrier divisions 

  • Smart Contracts 
  • Interconnects 
  • Rate Import 
  • A-Z Management 
  • Traffic Monitoring 
  • Credit Blocking 
  • Invoices & Payments 

The Airtime Markets

Automatically insert Tier1 A-Z rate decks across several tariffs into rate options for ALL Airtime carriers to buy 


  • Guaranteed payment on inbound traffic No Credit Risk 
  • Promote Traffic and Route opportunities to All Airtime Carriers 
  • Exchange Function for both inbound and outbound traffic of Voice and SMS 
  • Airtime carriers paid in Real-Time

Airtime Grow

Every Airtime carrier is pre-loaded with Tier1 A-Z across service classes 

    • Access to moretraffic revenue androute opportunities 
    • Every Airtime carriercan bid on Tier1 traffic 
    • Increase Margins, Zero Exposure, Zero Costfor Tier1 
    • FX Management for Cross Currency Buying

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 SWAP Guardian

Bilateral commitment enforcement  Coming Soon 

  • Agree the volumes 
  • Agree the penalty for falling short 
  • Limit your exposure 
  • Guaranteed returns 

Platform scalability
Access to more route opportunities
KYC process automation
Guaranteed payment


Packed with innovative features such as fully automated registration and real-time payment/settlement, our proprietary B2B 

platform reduces costs and eliminates credit risk for all registered users

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