Fully AUTOMATED KYC compliance process made easy

Voice and SMS Trading Experience

Instant access to live market traffic, routes and liquidity

Peer to peer Real-Time Settlement

Tier 1 Traffic at touch of a button

Trading Floor and Liquidity Pool

Streamlined & secured trading platform

Tier 1 Traffic at touch of a button

airtime voice sms trading

Simplified user experience making Voice and SMS trading accessible to telcos and professionals of any size and experience.

Peer to Peer Real-Time Settlement on Voice and SMS traffic.
All in one carrier platform with integrated bank accounts (EUR + USD) in name of carrier

Provisioning, Rates, Routing, Reporting, Prepaid/Postpaid Billing

Automated Traffic Management for lean carrier divisions

Zero Capex

Pay as you go pricing for hosted solution

Airtimexchange Platform

We are bringing telecommunications to a new era
Let us introduce the only platform that interconnects carriers in a financially safe environment, with real-time settlement in any currency


Take the Airtimexchange platform always with you, accessible from any device.

Contracts, Technical, Invoicing, Payments, Banking and more, All-in-one place

Exchange function for both inbound and outbound traffic of Voice and SMS

Promote Traffic and Route opportunities to All Airtime Carriers

Automatically insert Tier 1 A-Z rate decks across several tariffs into rate options for All Airtime carriers to buy

Guaranteed payment on inbound traffic - No Credit Risk

Airtime carriers paid in Real-Time

Instant access to live market traffic of Airtime carriers via single interconnect at Tier 1 level

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